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I started with a Sinclair Spectrum and worked my way up  via an AMSTRAD 6128, AMSTRAD 1512, AMSTRAD 2286,  a TOSHIBA T1000SE and an AST 386/16.

The first on-line system I used was BT's PRESTEL system, using my Spectrum and a VTX2000 Modem. The great days of 1200/75 and block graphics. At one point I was editing pages for a provider on a 6128!

From there I joined American People Link (PLINK) in Chicago. I also found Modem City, The Source, Protocol, LINC (Later known as the USA Today Sports Centre), Portal, GEnie, BIX, TDC, CI$, and Mnematics.

Although most of these systems have closed or I have stopped using them, I still have friends spread all over the On-line World, that I first met on these systems. Some of them have even met me at parties in New York and Washington DC. I was UK TONY first on PLINK and have tried to keep that ID or Handle on all the systems I have used. So if you knew a uktony on a system a long long time ago in galaxy far far away, it was probably me.

Apart from Modems and Computers, I am also interested in Radio (Listening and producing) and Music. I used to be a Director of Ocean Sound, the local commercial radio station for Southampton & Portsmouth in Southern England. I was the Programme Controller of Southampton Hospital Radio. I collect Radio Station Jingles and am always on the lookout for interviews and things that may become inserts in future programmes, little snippets of historic recordings etc. I also have a large database of "Today in History" information for use in my programmes. Nowadays I can produce all of my programmes with material obtained over the net. Sport, News, Birthdays, Anniversaries Music News and more are all here free.

On my birthday in 1994 my local TV station, Meridian, came and filmed me in my role as Programme Controller of HBA. This took them all of 4 hours commit to video tape, plus editing time. Maybe some day I will get around to posting the video here.

So the next logical step was to join radio production, computers and the internet. So along came Apple-FM. Then came Radio Bangkok and RadioCompany.net to manage the stations and market internet radio station management services. RadioCompany.Net now runs internet stations like RadioProPak.Com, iStationRadio.Net and BroadcastAsiaRadio.net. Now I live in Hong Kong, work from home, and manage the stations from here. I also do Voice Overs - see www.tonyvoice.net

On December 21st 2002 I married Sin Wing Ying - known to people in the UK as Apple. This was a happy day for us and our family and friends who joined us for the wedding and lunch afterwards.   Take a look on the pictures page of Apple & I around the world.


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